Jacob - Genesis 27 My Way Leads to the Highway

Pastor Scott Martz
This is the second week in the Jacob series. What comes naturally to us is to think we are right. We so convince ourselves that we are right we are willing to lie to God, each other, and ourselves to get what we think we deserve. We see the four examples of this in Genesis 27. We also see our solution in Christ.
Sunday, June 7, 2020



Jacob’s life began with a struggle. And it was a struggle from that point on because Jacob tried to make his way in the world through trickery and deception—the very meaning of the name “Jacob.” Jacob’s life became a series of events through which he ultimately wrestled with God. In this struggle, Jacob had to confront his old, deceptive self and find a new, faith-filled identity that rested on God’s grace. Jacob learned to trust his vision at Bethel of the ladder ascending into heaven and God’s gracious promise of his presence in Jacob’s life.

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