Our Pastor

Pastor Jeremy Cares

Pastor Cares has had the privilege to serve in the public ministry as a pastor and is now in his 16th year. It all started where he grew up in Nampa, Idaho. Pastor Cares’ father, Mark, was also a pastor and is known around the world as the expert on reaching out to Mormons. His mom, Bonnie, has always had a heart for sharing Jesus with others. With this as his atmosphere for growing up, he gleaned much love for reaching the lost and gained many useful tools to be able to do so.

Pastor Cares attended public school all the way through high school as he grew up in Idaho. This also had a profound effect on Pastor Cares as he regularly engaged in conversations and relationships with those of vast religious, socioeconomic, and diverse backgrounds. Around ninety percent of his classmates were Mormon, or at least tied to Mormonism.

With his background and experience of being surrounded by so many who didn’t know Jesus, Pastor Cares wanted to devote himself to the public ministry and decided to attend Martin Luther College, starting in 1999. He graduated MLC in 2004 and then attended Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary for the next two years. During this time he married Stephanie and in their first year of marriage they moved to Asheville, NC for vicar (internship) year at Living Savior Lutheran Church. They returned back to WLS for his senior year and graduated in 2008.

He was assigned as Youth and Outreach Pastor for Trinity Lutheran in Kiel, WI. The Cares both served at this church with a school for the next five years. During their time there they had their two children, Carter (12) and Eliana (10). They then moved to Lubbock, TX where Pastor Cares was called to revive the dwindling congregation of Shepherd of the Plains. There Pastor Cares served for the next eight years getting very involved in the city of Lubbock as well. He was well known in the community and served as the weekly Tiny Tot’s story time reader with attendances that reached up to 170 every week. He was even recognized as one of the two educators of the year and received the Robbie McGrew Memorial Award.

Pastor Cares then received his next call to plant a new mission church in Parrish, FL in May of 2021. In the next two years that followed Pastor Cares built relationships with many in the Parrish community and launched worship for the new planted church, The Shore, on June 5, 2022. Over the next year The Shore grew from 32 to 44 members.

In March of 2023 Pastor Cares then accepted the call to serve at Living Faith in Midlothian, TX. The Cares have had a special place in their heart for the people of Texas and are excited to be moving back and start to get settled in June of 2023. They are looking forward to getting to know the Midlothian community and build many relationships in Jesus.

No matter where the Lord has led us we are thankful that he has carried us through every step of the way and to witness his amazing love reach so many people for his kingdom. To God alone be the glory!

Pastor Cares would love to get to meet you and serve you in any way. Please do not hesitate to contact him through email jecares1@gmail.com or on his cell phone (817) 913-1673.