You Turn


The Blessings of Repentance

Pastor Scott Martz
King David was inspired to write Psalm 32 after he was led to confess his sin of adultery and cover-up. David had lived unrepentant for over nine months. His state of impenitence had taken it's toll on his soul and body. We are able to highlight 14 blessings of repentance in this Psalm.
Sunday, March 17, 2019


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You Turn

How do I turn my life around? It starts by recognizing the real problem: my sinful heart. I'm headed in the wrong direction, in love with myself and against God. Because God is love, he offers me a new direction--a life of repentance. It's a life based on his perfect love and forgiveness. It's a life powered by his Spirit, where I'm God's child and friend, created to love others.

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